Scott Luchansky - Found Wood Western Carvings

If being considered a "westerner" were merely a birth- right to be awarded those fortunate enough to be born this side of the Mississippi,  then not only would carver artist Scott Luchansky have no claim to such bragging rights, but America's west would certainly be a less storied place, given the role so many colorful dreamers, wanderers and wayfarers from the east played in its historic past.

Thankfully the allure of the west in all its grandeur has never been reliant on the birthplace of its inhabitants but on the spirit of the soul they were blessed and arrived here with...a spirit of independence, rugged individualism, and ingenuity,  in a land where dare pre- vailed and trepidation failed.

Despite his early beginnings far afield of the West's designated boundaries, Scott was already in possession of such a spirit. “C’mon, it’s the West!...Open!, Wild”, he says with a bewilderment as to why anyone would ask why he left Pittsburgh . “How could I resist its draw?”

So without a second thought, Scott did indeed dare to venture here over thirty years ago, where upon he soon became self-schooled and skilled in a variety of mediums including, painting and lapidary. Today his uniquely stylized "found wood" creations are the measured results of these qualities and honed talents...together, they can be found in each and every piece he puts forth.

Commencing with a relentless search across hundreds of miles of central Arizona's historic ranches and private lands for the perfect piece of wood for each vision, it is then and only then, that one of his immediately recognizable carvings begins to emerge from this fallen treasure. Whether it be a majestic Bald Eagle in flight, a stoic but proud Indian warrior, or one of his uniquely stylized, signature feathers, magnificent icons of a vast western landscape breathe new life into old wood through his inspired hands.

“No piece is preconcieved,” says Scott. “The material dictates what, I call, it's ‘new life.’ If a piece works, I use it, if not, you have to go with what you've got.” It is just such spontaneity and simplicity that is at the core of Scott's take no prisoners approach to his life and his life work,  for at a time when mass production is expected, mediocrity is accepted and self importance is commonplace, he takes it all in stride when without passing judgement, he surmises, "Oh well, they do what they do, this is what I do."

Perhaps, but while it is true that in an art world where it does take all kinds to satisfy the public's diverging tastes, through it all, Scott continues to go against the grain by producing only "one of a kinds"...all the while, the West welcomes another original.

Phone/Text:  928.925.0163