"Someone to Ride the River With: A New Code From What's Left of the Old West"

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"Someone to Ride the River With "

A New Code From What's Left of the Old West

Over a century ago, an unwritten code of ethics began to emerge among the cowboys of the West. With time, cowboys of all colors and creeds operated by their own version of it, or risked being ostracized - or worse.

It seemed that as long as people ate meat, there’d be cows, as long as there were cows, there’d be cowboys, and as long as there were cowboys, there’d be that code. But after over twenty years of traveling and documenting America’s vanishing West, Award-winning photographer and journalist Jim Tunell saw that the original Code of the West - had seen better days.

With this book, you will find not only a collection of insights as to what’s so quickly disappearing but at the same time, a no-nonsense, forty step road map to successfully becoming “Someone to Ride the River With.” It is complete with rare photos and first-hand accounts from America’s West - to guide you on your way.

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James C. Tunell


Kevin Bernhardt