Trappings of the West: one

Goods, services, and information to help you find your West.
Red Steagall
From "Cowboy Corner" and "Somewhere West of Wall Street to his yearly gathering in Ft. Worth, TX ... No one today contributes more to the preservation of the West.
Cowboys & Indians magazine
Whether it be art & culture, entertainment or fashion, Cowboys & Indians has brought what's breaking in the West for thirty years.
The Four Sixes
Say hello to the storied ranch behind the next Yellowstone spin-off. It only took 150 years and the show's co-cdreator Taylor Sheridan becoming a part owner.

Exploring the West means getting out there in it. And sometimes that means overnighting near the masses. The rules in doing so are common sense, but since the same asshats who exhibit little in the city are likely be your neighbor in camp, they bears repeating.

I've always said I was born 100 years too late. And I've always added I'd have been done by twenty-seven (If not sooner, had I been). More to the point, there's the West you think you know and the West that was ... and it weren't no picnic.
International Western Music Association
The association promotes the preservation, performance and composition of traditional and contemporary music and poetry of The West.
Legends of the Old West
Chris Wimmer has turned a passion for the Old West into a compelling audio series. Entire stories are available by subscription or free on an episode by episode basis.
True West Magazine
With its publication dating back to the 50's this modern day labor of love by Editor-in-Chief Bob Boze Bell ensures Old West aficionados have a place to turn to each month.

Plain and simple, he's the painter who comes closest to putting on canvas the West as I've seen it at its most majestic. More poignantly, he saw it at a time like few others did and before it changed forever.

His contribution to the history of the American West couldn't be more substantial, yet his name is largely unknown. His stoking of the imagination of a young boy in the 1960s is why I sit here today.
Albert Bierstadt
As E. S. Curtis spoke to me through his photos about the lifestyle of tribes, so did Bierstadt through his paintings about the grandeur of the West.
Ghosttowns of the West
The contributors behind this site have aided me many times in finding remnants of the Old West and better than that, saved me much drivng in search of those long gone.
Edward S. Curtis
The man who inspired my journey. His work can be found here and at the Library of Congress. His life story in Shadow Catcher: The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis