Trappings of the West: two

Goods, services, and information to help you find your West.
Where the Food Comes From ->
Americans have forgotten where they came from in a multitude of ways, but none more important than where their food comes.
This channel is one of the reasons I haven't had a TV for over 20 years. I'd watch the damn thing till the cows came home.
Kent Rollins ->
If King of the Chuckwagon cooks, Kent Rollins hasn't cooked it and can't teach you, then you don't need to be eating it. Check out his "Bertha" stove while you're there.

How to Escape Quicksand:
Forget this movie couldn't be made today, getting your tail out of quicksand is the same as it ever was. Encountered quicksand once on the Hassayampa River outside Wickenburg, AZ ... not a fan.

Support Your Local Rancher:
Buying local is more important now than ever espcially when it comes to food. This rancher explains why and where to find fresh beef in your area. The link is can be HERE in case you miss it at the beginning.
Gathering of Nations Pow Wow ->
It's the largest Pow Wow in the country, but for my dollar the Navajo Fair in Window Rock, AZ and the Crow Fair in Hardin, MT are more authentic expereinces.
Yellowstone (the series) ->
Yes, that Yellowstone. I'm not a watcher, (I don't stream) but I do appreciate the renewed interest it has created in the West, as it further illustrates America's cultural divide.
Henry Repeating Arms ->
After you've acquired all your SHTF guns and ammo, make room for a legendary, made in the U.S.A work of art, that shoots straight out of the box. Mine isn't for sale..

Before Lewis & Ckark witnessed their first Pronghorn on the Eastern plains of South Dakota, they had no knowledge of this prehistoric antelope. Sadly, over 200 years later, most Americans still do not.

There's nothing most dogs more than a good spalshing. Nothing puts a damper on Western vaction like having to rush your dog to the vet or bury it in the forest. Learn what to look for.
Wild Horse & Burro Adoption ->
I'm no fan of the BLM's wild horse gatherings, but I also have no appetite for the activist opponents who don't donate and have never adopted. Take one home today.
Dude Ranchers Association ->
There are 'dude ranches' and there are ranches that open themselves to 'dudes'. These here are the real deal, not hotels with horses,' as the Association says.
National Cowboy Poetry Gathereing ->
You can find more gatherings at but the town of Elko, NV comes alive and is the Grandaddy of them all for this vanishing art.