Trappings of the West: three

Goods, services, and information to help you find your West.
Heard Museum ->
Since its founding in 1929, has dedicated itself to presenting the stories of American Indian people from a first-person perspective.
Rodeos USA ->
Whether it be art & culture, entertainment or fashion, Cowboys & Indians has brought what's breaking in the West for thirty years.
Trailing of the Sheep ->
It's a sight to be hold. And given the ugliness of the sheep wars that took place in the West, it's more than surprising any remain.

Turkey Vultures:
As I watched a "wake" of turkey vultures come close to camp on foot, it dawned on me I'd seen very little roadkill in the area. It then made me wonder what a day in the life of these complex birds was like.

Johnson County Cattle War
Met a Wyomimg rancher who said his father-in-law in their early days handed him a book about this period ...said, "It's all in there, so we don't need to talk about it and I'm not proud."
Bishop Mule Days ->
Welcome to the land of all-things mule. Jackasses you say? No, you're confusing the state's politicians with a great many of it's fine people. The event is one-of-a-kind.
Find A Grave ->
Macabre? Nah. I love history and the final resting place of so many of the West's historic characters figured greatly into their myths, legends, and place in it.
National Cowboy Symposium ->
If you want to be a cowboy or just hang around some, you can get your feet wet here. It's a great get-togethers trying their damndest to keep Western heritage alive.

Firearm Training:
Target shooting and hunting are two of the most popular ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the West, but with ammo prices always on the rise and supplies threatend, it's nice to find a way to hone those skills at home.

Metal Detecting:
If tracking game isn't your idea of time well spent, there's other ways to experience the thrill of the hunt. Metal detecting at Old West sites can not only get you a healthy dose of fresh air, but history as well.
Miles City Bucking Horse Sale ->
Held the third full weekend in May, this "World Famous" special brand of rodeo action was born right in the heart of Montana cowboy country.
Santa Fe Indian Market ->
The organizers say the "Santa Fe Indian Market is known as the place where Native American art and culture meets the world. I'd say they're right.
Enjoy nature, spend time with your dog and make some money. There's plenty of videos and sites with tips to be found, but these folks are a good place to start.