Trappings of the West: four

Goods, services, and information to help you find your West.
Buffalo Bill Center of the West ->
With an extensive collection of historic objects, even the most ardent student can deepen their knowledge of the American West.
Cowboy Artists of America ->
Their mission is “To authentically preserve and perpetuate the culture of Western life in fine art.” It's mine too but they don't welcome photographers.
Concealed Carry Laws ->
I only travel to states that respect 2A Rights, but even their laws can vary from Constitutional Carry (Permitless carry) to less than.

Medicinal Plants:
There's a gold mine of health in the natural world around us and this collection is a good starting point. Evryone should own a hardcopy book of such things for when SHTF because that device you're viewing this on now will be so much extra, useless weight.

When to fish ... better yet, when not to:
I don't fish often, but while camped at a Colorado lake I wondered why fisherman after fisherman (with every toy Bass Pro offers) was headed out to the water at noon on a warm sunny day? Sure it's all about the experience, but it's also fun to catch one or two. These guys explain. ->
Welcome to the land of all-things mule. Jackasses you say? No, you're confusing the state's politicians with a great many of it's fine people. The event is one-of-a-kind.
Good News From the West!->
Who doesn't like a little good news? Well Ed Roberson brings it to you with a weekly email featuring upbeat, funny, inspirational, useful, and heart-warming news.
Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry ->
I don't have an ounce of talent when it comes to the art of sculpting, but I sure admire those who do. If you're on of 'em, these folks can take you to the next level.

Navajo Son:
Derrick Begay is a real-life cowboy from Arizona, world champion roper in the arena, real and a and legend on the Navajo reservation, where ironically the cowboy spirit remains healthy. This short film explains why he is also both an inspiration and role model.

My Wild Land:
Think Wyoming and you think cowboys. This three-part series, “My Wild Land,” focuses on ranches from across Wyoming: the Terry Creek Ranch near Laramie, the Bischoff Ranch near Lovell and the Hellyer family ranch near Lander, and their fight to preserve THE lifestyle.
Migratory Bird Act, Explained ->
There's a reason so many cowboys wear turkey feathers in their hats. Not only are they striking, but just about every other one (Nope, not wearing pheasant) is illegal.
Survive the Wild ->
Seems every American under 50 years of age wants to go viral these days. Petting a bison or getting lost and dying in the wilderness is no way to do it however.
Ride the Rail! ->
There's no better way to feel like you're 'back in the day' than to watch or ride a steam train through a scenic valley on a foggy fall morning. There's still a few of 'em left.